Dice Legacy Wiki

Dice Classes[]

The dice represent your workers and are broken down into 6 classes, each with their own specialties.

Class Die Purpose Gained by Starting Faces
Peasant Peasant die
General use dice that you start the game with that can be used in a wide range of basic activities Placing two peasants into a House Work Gather Gather Build Fight Explore
Citizen Citizen die
Specialist worker and research dice that are the only class that can generate research points. Placing a peasant and 2 food in a School Work2WorkBuild BuildStudyStudy
Soldier Soldier die
Specialist combat and raiding dice that are the only class that can roll raid symbols. Created by placing a peasant and 2 iron in a Barracks Fight 22 Fight Fight Raid Raid Build
Merchant Merchant die
Specialist gatherer and trade dice that are the only class that can roll trade symbols. Created by placing a citizen and 2 Gold in a Merchant's Guild TradeTrade Explore2 ExploreGather2Gather
Monk Monk die
The only class that can roll pray symbols. Created by placing a peasant and 2 Herbs in a Monastery Work2 Work Gather PrayPray Explore
Mercenary Mercenaries die
Hired dice that cannot recover Durability and will leave when wounded but their Happiness can be ignored. Hired by placing a Merchant (Trade) and 2 Gold in a Mercenary Guild Fight 23Fight 22Fight 22Fight 2RaidRaid

Dice Symbols[]

Symbol Title Found on Used by
Dice-Explore.png Explore Peasants, Merchants and Monks. Merchant has one at level 2 Herbalists, Encampments, District Halls


Peasant, Soldiers have 3 including a level 2 face To repel attacks on your borders
Dice-Work.png Work All dice except soldiers. Monks and Citizens have 2 each, one of the Citizens being level 2 Fields, Mills, Breweries, Supply Crates. Broadly speaking working in your buildings
Dice-Gather.png Gather Peasants, Traders and Monks. The trader's face is a level 2. Gather resources from nodes in your territory (Hunting Grounds, Forests, Stone Mines, Iron Mines)
Dice-Build.png Build Peasant and Citizen dice. Used to construct buildings within your territory.
Dice-Corrupted.png Corrupted Events or on corrupted king's starting dice Cannot be employed.
Dice-Pray.png Pray Monks Used to bless/heal dice in a shrine or temple and increase relationships with Encampments in range of a Missionary Outpost.
Dice-Raid.png Raid Soldiers Used to raid Encampments in range of a Military Outpost.
Dice-Study.png Study Citizens Used to gain Knowledge in the Workshop
Dice-Trade.png Trade Merchants Used to trade Item in the Market and increase relationships or trade items with Encampments

Dice Vitality[]

Every dice has a maximum integrity or HP of 16 and lose HP/Integrity by being rolled,getting injured or frozen. when a dice has 0 integrity/HP it basically dies and gets discarded. Dice can regain health by Cook houses or apothecary

Forging Powerful Dice[]

You can combine two dice to one in the forge. Doing so gives the new dice a special traid you don´t get using the labratory.

  • Highlander - Has infinite Durability.
  • Fortitude - Immune to all Effects.
  • Thief - When at 0 Durability, consumes the durability of other Dice.
  • Tough - Max Durability is doubled.
  • Simple Minded - Does nothing.
  • Neurotic - Cannot be locked.
  • Ascetic - When durability is restored, it is restored by half.
  • Meek - Max durability is halved.
  • Gluttonous - Consumes 2 Durability per roll instead of 1.
  • Dumb - Cannot be Empowered directly.
  • Claustrophobic - Cannot be employed in Mines.
  • Coward - Can't be employed to fight Threats.
  • Farmer - Provides 2 Wheat every time it is employed to harvest Wheat in Wheat Farm.
  • Popular - When employed with other Dice it increases the happiness of the Classes they belong.
  • Lucky - Double the chance of finding Gold in Mines.
  • Genius - When employed it has a small chance to provide 1 Knowledge.
  • Fast Learner - When Empowered gain 1 extra power.
  • Talented - When employed it has a small chance to Empower the face used.
  • Twin Genes - When employed in a House it provides an extra dice.
  • Firefighter - When employed it extinguishes all Fires around it.