Dice Legacy Wiki

Essential Buildings in Dice Legacy are buildings that provide an essential function, and typically need to be constructed within the first year to ensure the village's long-term survival.

Image Title Purpose Build Cost Activation Cost Output
Building House.png House Produces new Peasant Dice. 6 Wood
2 Build
2 Peasants 1 Peasant
Building School.png School Converts Peasant Dice into Citizen Dice. 6 Wood
4 Stone
2 Build
1 Peasant
2 Food
1 Citizen
Building Cookhouse.png Cookhouse Restores Durability to a Die using Food. 4 Wood
1 Build
1 Die without Mercenary trait
1 Food
Add 8 to die's durability
Building District Hall.png District Hall Expands territory and increases Efficiency nearby. Can be upgraded into a Class District Hall. 6 Wood
2 Builders
1 Explore Territory expanded
? Class District Hall Increases efficiency nearby. Surrounding Buildings and Locations belong to the specified class's District. District Hall
1 Die
2 Gold
? District Hall is upgraded into a Class District Hall.