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Manipulation Buildings are a category of buildings in Dice Legacy. These buildings must be unlocked from the Technologies panel before they can be built.

Image Title Purpose Build Cost Activation Cost Output
Building Enhancement Chamber.png Enhancement Chamber Empowers the upper face of a Die. 8 Wood

6 Stone

1 Gold

1 Any Dice

1 Dice
Building Forge.png Forge Forges two Dice together into a powerful Construct Die. 8 Wood

6 Iron

1 Gold

1 Iron

2 Any Dice

1 Construct Dice
Building Laboratory.png Laboratory Extracts six faces from six Dice to form a Construct Die. Dice will perish in the process. 2 Gold

8 Stone

4 Iron

1 Any Dice

(6 separate times)

1 Dice (after 6 activations)
Building Obelisk.png Obelisk Ascends a Die. 8 Stone

4 Gold

1 Any Dice The Dice used for activation