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Military Buildings are buildings in Dice Legacy that serve a military purpose. Barracks and Military Outposts are unlocked at the start, while the other military buildings must be unlocked from the Technologies panel before they can be built.

Image Title Purpose Build Cost Activation Cost Output
Building Barracks.png Barracks Converts Peasant Dice into Soldier Dice. 6 Wood
4 Stone
1 Peasant Die

1 Iron

Soldier Die
Building Military Outpost.png Military Outpost Allows Raiding of nearby Encampments and hostile Structures. 4 Wood
2 Iron
- -
Building Tower.png Tower Passively provides a Fight Fight face on nearby Structures and Threats. 6 Wood

10 Stone

6 Iron

- -
Building Military Academy.png Military Academy Converts Any Die into Soldier Dice. 8 Stone

4 Iron

1 Any Die Soldier Die
Building Catapult.png Catapult Fires on closest hostile Encampment or Structure. 10 Wood

8 Iron

1 Raid Die

2 Iron

Destroy 1 enemy building in range