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Religion Buildings are buildings in Dice Legacy that provide spiritual services. Monasteries and Missionary Outposts are unlocked from the start, while the rest must be unlocked from the Technologies panel before they can be built.

Image Title Purpose Build Cost Activation Cost Output
Building Monastery.png Monastery Converts Citizen Dice into Monk Dice. 6 Wood
8 Stone
1 Citizen Die

1 Herb

1 Monk Die
Building Missionary Outpost.png Missionary Outpost Allows Monk Dice to interact with nearby Encampments. 4 Wood
2 Stone
- -
Building Shrine.png Shrine Monk Dice can Bless a Die. 6 Stone 1 Any Die

2 Pray Dice


The Any Die gains status "Blessed"

Building Temple.png Temple Monk Dice can heal any negative effect from a Die. 4 Wood

6 Stone

1 Any Die

1 Pray Die


All negative effects from the Any Die removed

Building Monument.png Monument Monk Dice can restore some Durability to all Dice in Pool. 6 Stone

4 Gold

3 Pray Dice Effect:

Restores some durability to all Dice in the pool