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Welfare Buildings are buildings in Dice Legacy that support the health and well-being of the village's population.

Image Title Purpose Build Cost Activation Cost Output
Building Apothecary.png Apothecary Heals a Wounded or Sick Die using Herbs. 4 Wood
2 Herbs
1 Any die

2 Herbs

Removes "Wounded" negative effect
Building Tavern.png Tavern Heals a Frozen Die using Ale. 6 Wood
1 Ale
1 Frozen die
1 Ale
Removes "Frozen" negative effect
Building Steam Generator.png Steam Generator Prevents Dice used nearby from Freezing while powered on. 5 Iron 3 Wood Prevents "Frozen" negative effect in an area around the building
Building Town Square.png Town Square Holds festivals that can increase the Happiness of a Dice Class. 8 Wood
4 Stone
2 Gold
1 Any die (NOT mercenary)

1 Food

2 Ale

Improves Happiness of a Dice Class that was used for activation
Building Almshouse.png Almshouse Converts Any Die into a Peasant Die. 10 Wood 1 Any Die 1 Peasant Die